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Welcome to Outcast Explorers

Our goal is to train confident
eco friendly divers

Neutral buoyancy

The focus in our training is helping you to get your buoyancy under controle.

Time in the water

Due to the excellent theoretical online modules from Raid are we able to spent more time with you in the water giving much better results then most other agencies. Our divers are our ambassadors.

The RAID way

It is essential to ensure divers in training are only exposed to highly skilled, truly experienced and dedicated dive professionals that is the only way to train better divers. Trim and buoyancy are the fundament.

Endless Possibilities

Buoyancy and trim and some basic fundamental finning techniques we already teach in our open water course from these strong fundaments we build on. Advanced, Rescue, divemaster, wreck, advanced wreck, cave 1, cave 2, deco 40 trimix, deco 50 to name a few.

Eco diver

Having respect for our eco system is one of our most important goals a Raid diver has to be an Eco diver.


But above this all don’t forget to make fun.

The Fastest Way To Develop
is time in the water



Outcast Explorers

Welcome @ Outcast explorers, a branch of Outcast Divers.

We believe that strong fundaments and basic training is essential to become better divers.

If you join our team we won’t treat you as just another number.

We will try to guide you and hopefully we will learn something from you to.

But above all lets have some fun.

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" I did my Sidemount course with David from Outcast Explorers and WOW, what an eyeopener it was! For most Instructors it’s a moneyfactory, with David it’s all about quality and not quantity. David is not alone an instructor but also a mentor and a friend. Read more "

Melissa / Outcast Explorers

" I wanted to take the next step in my diving career and took the Sidemount Specialty course with David from Outcast Explorers. From the moment David and I met, I could tell David was highly passionate about Sidemount diving Read more "

Koen / Sidemount student

" Because my girlfriend already had a license open water, I also wanted to learn how to dive. The passion for underwater life was there, but also the fear of diving. The latter was completely taken away by a training at Outcast! Read more "

Stijn / Open water student

" From the moment I got into the water with David, I felt safe and comfortable and I knew I was going to have an amazing introduction to diving and the underwater world. You quickly realise that Scuba Diving is not just a hobby, but an exciting way of life. Read more "

Brahim / Open water student

" The sidemount course from OE is very extensive, you get to know everything about your material and build up some critical skills to have a nice and safe dive with eye on the environment. They teach you to bring the best out of you.

"Once you go sidemount you never wanna go back!" #Thanks O.E.#SM #RAID "

Tine / Outcast Explorers

" I started diving lessons for my vacation to Autralia to go diving in the Great Barrier Reef. David has adjusted the lessons to my personal progress. He quickly understood which tests I had easily mastered, so that we had more time with the more difficult exercises. Read more "

Evelien / Open water student

" I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my instructor David for the very complete sidemount course he gave me. I can recommand the RAID divecenter Outcast Explorers to everyone that is looking for a decent training or club! "

Jimmy / Outcast Explorers

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